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050 0 _aHF5549
_b.M293 1952
082 _a658.3
100 1 0 _aMaier, Norman R. F.
_q(Norman Raymond Frederick),
245 0 0 _aPrinciples of human relations, applications to management
_h[electronic resource].
260 0 _aNew York,
300 _a474 p.
_c24 cm.
520 _a"This book is written for persons who are interested in human relations problems, and as such it concerns itself with overcoming communication barriers, preventing misunderstandings, and developing the constructive side of man's nature. The examples and applications are pointed toward industry, but the principles apply to all situations where leaders must deal with groups or individuals. Since a leader interacts with people, principles are derived from social psychology, group dynamics, and clinical psychology. Some of the principles are new, but perhaps the greatest contribution of this book results from the fact that I have been permitted by industry to use existing industrial organizations as my laboratory to evaluate certain experimentally derived techniques. Thus it may be said that industry has contributed its facilities for the advancement of social psychology while at the same time gaining itself because of recent developments in social psychology and group dynamics. The scope of this book includes discussion of problems of human relations in industry, new techniques and approaches to them, and the problems involved in training persons to practice the effective techniques. Training in human relations is a complex matter. One must not only have effective procedures to offer, but one must also motivate people to use the effective procedures that are available. The latter problem is the more difficult because it requires changes in established habits as well as changes in attitudes"--Preface. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2006 APA, all rights reserved)
530 _aAlso issued in print.
533 _aElectronic reproduction.
_bWashington, D.C. :
_cAmerican Psychological Association,
_nAvailable via the World Wide Web.
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650 0 _aPersonnel management.
650 0 _aPsychology, Industrial.
650 2 _aPsychology, Industrial
740 1 _aHuman relations.
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