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_b.W72 1951
082 0 _a371.422
100 1 _aWrenn, C. Gilbert
_q(Charles Gilbert),
245 1 0 _aStudent personnel work in college
_h[electronic resource] :
_bwith emphasis on counseling and group experiences.
260 _aNew York :
_bRonald Press Co.,
300 _aix, 589 p. ;
_c21 cm.
504 _aIncludes bibliographical references and indexes.
520 _a"Today the offices of the personnel deans, the health service, student activities, financial aid, job placement, and many other elements of the total campus organization are recognized as important facets of student personnel work; they are being carefully coordinated so that each can contribute efficiently to the student's well-being and social orientation. And so, despite its youth, this activity is now accepted in the collegiate organization as of comparable significance to those of instruction and administration. It is simply a younger member of the family. This book is written for use as a text in student personnel sequences in college and in the graduate school. It should have direct value in courses in general or secondary school guidance where it becomes desirable to compare collegiate student personnel work with the high school guidance program. It should also have a contribution to make to those courses or curricula designed to prepare college and university teachers; as a part of such training, the prospective faculty member should consider his future function in the student personnel program, to which constant reference is made in this volume. Similarly, those thoughtful and sincere staff and faculty members who seek to clarify their contribution to the student personnel program will find material here to answer many of their questions. It is the author's sincere hope that on campuses where student personnel programs are in development--and especially where he has discussed personnel work or has acted as a personnel program consultant--this book will be found helpful"--Preface. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2010 APA, all rights reserved).
530 _aAlso issued in print.
533 _aElectronic reproduction.
_bWashington, D.C. :
_cAmerican Psychological Association,
_nAvailable via World Wide Web.
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650 0 _aEducational counseling.
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