Apathy and indifference: Cultural and psychoanalytic reflections. [DVD] Presented by Professor Josh Cohen - London, Tavistock Clinic, 2016 - 1 video disc (approx. 100 min) - Scientific Meeting of the Tavistock Centre and Portman Clinic 11th January 2016 .

Copyright Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust. Copying of this recording is striclty prohibited. Professor Josh Cohen is a psychoanalyst in private practice and a Fellow of the British Psychoanalytical Society, as well as Professor of Modern Literary Theory at Goldsmiths University of London. He is the author of many books and articles on psychoanalysis, modern literature and aesthetic theory, including Interrupting Auschwitz: Art, Religion, Philosophy, How to Read Freud and most recently The Private Life: Why We Remain in the Dark.

This paper aims to explore apathy, indifference, inactivity – in the consulting room and in cultural life. Weaving together theoretical, clinical and cultural analysis, this paper will draw on Freud’s invocation of the ‘Nirvana principle’ as well as his ideas on sleep (as opposed to dreams) as a way into understanding these inertial forces, and will explore their relationship to a culture dominated by, in the words of one contemporary social theorist, ‘nervous incentives to act’. The author will examine the life and work of Andy Warhol in this context, and also bring some clinical case material to illustrate his argument.

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