Infant observation in a globalised world. videorecording - London, Tavistock Clinic 2009 - 4 video discs Disc 1 (c 2hrs 15 min) Disc 2 (c 2hrs 15 min) Disc 3 (c 2hrs 15 min) Disc 4 (c 1hr 15 min) - 5th International Conference for teachers of infant observation .

DVD Format Three speakers: Sue Reid - Family Culture and Seminar Culture, Francesca Calvorcoressi - Touching the Void, Judy Shuttleworth - Infant Observation as a research position did not give consent to be recorded so they are not included on the DVD.

5th International Conference for teachers of infant observation Original Summary: Originally developed by Esther Bick, Infant Observation has played a central part in both clinical training and professional development here at the Tavistock Clinic, as well as in other centres, ever since her first seminars given in 1948. Her influence has been fundamental, emphasising the essential quality of the learning experience derived from observation, and its contribution to an understanding of the unconscious processes taking place within all relationships. This year the conference will explore the impact and influence of culture on Infant Observation, whether the cultural differences between observers and the observed babies, or the impact of our culture on our interpretation of Mrs Bick's legacy. We also aim to understand in more detail the culture of Infant Observation as a practice. As usual the presentations will include direct observational material, address the complexities of this specific form of teaching, and discuss both clinical and research applications of the observational method. The conference will include presentations in both English and French and will also offer an opportunity for small group discussion of observational material. For plenary presentations written translations will be available in both languages. As always the conference will reflect the international community of clinical practitioners, researchers and writers who have their roots in psychoanalytic observation. The conference is an opportunity for exploration and also for celebration of the continuing vitality of psychoanalytic observation. This space for reflection, discussion and exchange with colleagues has been greatly valued since the conference was first established.

DVD Format

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