On effects of early child care. [videorecording] - London, Tavistock Clinic, 2009 - 1 video disc (approx 80 min) - Scientific Meeting of the Tavistock Centre and Portman Clinic 9th March .

DVD Format - Volume low for first 2 minutes until microphone problem sorted. Copyright Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust. Copying of this recording is striclty prohibited.

The presentation will report on how early child care experiences are linked to children?s functioning through their middle-childhood years-in the USA-drawing on data from a large scale American study following over 1,000 children from birth onward. Of great significance is not just the study?s careful attention to studying children longitudinally, using age-appropriate measurement, but carefully measuring distinct aspects of the child-care experience, most notably the type, quality and dosage that a child experiences across the first 4.5 years of life. Thus, this research goes beyond the simplistic-and outdated-question, "Is child care good for children" , to address the issue of the conditions under which children do well or poorly as a result of their early child-care experiences. Importantly, the work takes into consideration confounding family factors before estimating effects of early child care on children?s cognitive-academic functioning and socio-emotional adjustment through age 11.

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